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Our Mission

We believe in creating a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable world for you. We create solutions through products and services that address energy efficiency and safety needs using a holistic approach. Health and safety are at the core of who we are. We are committed to keeping you safe.

Tom Fernandes

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Fernandes has 7 years of experience as principal in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Solar Energy Industries as a consultant, sales and contractor. 32 yrs as a Real estate Broker. Commercial and residential property developer and manager. Holds several licenses and certifications Served on several private Board of Directors.

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John Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer

John Mitchell has been in the environmental and building health and science industry for the last 29 years. Over his years he has completed the construction gambit from home construction to environmental to building science. 


John is currently the owner and CEO of an international training company and BPI Test Center named JLC Industries (formerly JLC Green Technologies). He is also a Partner in another International Training Organization named The American Institute of Building Science where he is the Director of Training. He serves on The BPI Standards Committee for Residential Dwellings as well as the Board for HPACT, where he chairs the Training and Education Committee, participates on the Technical Committee, and is active in The Home Performance Industry in Connecticut.

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Lou Menendez

Chief Business Officer

Lou Menendez has 35 years' experience in business management and sales. Sales rep and distributor for national companies in the casework industry. 8 years in the solar industry sales, recruiting, and training associates. Served 6 years as commissioner at the Connecticut general assembly’s “Latino and Puerto Rival affairs commission", a member on the board of directors for SAMA “Spanish American Merchants Association”, and a member on the Town of Cromwell CT board of Education.

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Lisa Venn

SVP Strategic Partnerships

Lisa has been working in the energy and health and safety industries for the last 12+ years. As our SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Lisa connects businesses and individuals to International Energy Consultants (IEC) and our products and services.  Using her experience and the relationships she has cultivated; Lisa is able to leverage these relationships beyond our reach. She has helped customers save millions of dollars.

Spanning four decades and three distinct careers, Lisa is a people person, above all else. She is passionate about saving businesses money and equally passionate about helping our planet thrive by using innovative technologies. This combination of business savvy and heart has earned Lisa prestigious awards in her area of expertise. 

Lisa has travelled the globe doing sustainability projects in third world countries, as well as here in the US.

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